How to Pay with a Credit Card

1. Access the login for payment.
  1. After receiving a payment request email, access the "Login for Payment" page from URL notified by the email.
  2. Input request ID and email. Click "Next" button.
2. Confirm payment details.
  1. Confirm request ID, user information and payment summary.
  2. Click "Payment" button when you confirm the information.
3. Select the method of payment.
  1. Select the method of payment and click "Next".
4. Enter your credit card information.
  1. Confirm total amount.
  2. Enter your card number and expiration date.
    We accept Diners Club, MasterCard or Visa.
  3. Click "Confirm" button when you confirm the information.
5. Review the payment information.
  1. Confirm installment plan, card number, expiration date and total amount.
  2. Click "Pay" button when you confirm the information.
6. Complete payment.
  1. When the payment has been successfully completed, the "Payment completed" page will appear.
    Click "Next" button.
  2. If there is a problem with the payment the "Error information" page will appear.
  1. To cancel payment, click "Cancel" button.
  2. To repeat filling in your payment information, click "Retry" button.
7. Confirm the payment confirmation mail.
  1. Confirm that the payment confirmation has been email sent to your email address.