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What's New

  • September, 2018
    • The manuscript that shows the mechanisms of dopaminergic neuron differentiation in Ciona was published in Genes and Development. Wild type Ciona, NBRP plasmids, and the transgenic line expressing Kaede fluorescent protein specifically in dopamine neurons (Tg[MiCiTHK]2) were used in this study. Moreover, single cell transcriptome analysis was adopted in this study. Click here for details.
  • August, 2018
    • The manuscript that describes the mechanisms of placode and neural crest evolution was published in Nature. Wild type Ciona and plasmids of NBRP were used in this study. Click here for details.
  • May, 2018
  • March, 2018
  • January, 2018
    • We started to provide protocols of the experiments using NBRP resources. We hope the protocols will facilitate your researches with our materials!
    • Strain data was added.
  • December, 2017
  • November, 2017
    • The review about the mechanisms of adult organ/tissue formation and metamorphosis of ascidians was published. Many transgenic lines of NBRP are displayed in the article. Click here for details.
  • October, 2017
  • August, 2017
    • New categories, Fixed Specimen and Genotyping, were added to strain data.
    • Prices of resources were revised. (Refer to Price List for details)
    • We are now charging for Construct distribution. (Refer to Price List for details)
  • June, 2017
    • The axon trajectories of adult Ciona was described. In this report, NBRP the transgenic lines expressing Kaede in the neurons were used. Click here for details.
  • May, 2017
    • The functions of Hox1 in the thyroid-homologous organ (endostyle) were characterized in Ciona. In this report, TALENs for famous developmentally relevant genes like Otx, Hox1, RAR and Raldh2 were created. These TALENs are available from NBRP. Click here for details.
  • April, 2017
  • March, 2017
    • A novel technique to establish Ciona mutant lines has been established. This technique utilizes TALEN-based genome editing and germ cell regeneration. In this report, new vector series that can monitor TALEN expression with the aid of mCherry fluorescence were created, and these vectors are now available from NBRP. Click here for details.
  • December, 2016
    • Evolution of the epidermis-specific expression of the gene encoding cellulose synthase of Ciona intestinalis was investigated with the genome editing technology. This provides a novel insight into the mechanisms of horizontal gene transfer. Click here for details.
  • April, 2016
    • A unique regulation of cell cycle compensation in the epidermal cells of Ciona neurula embryos was described. The regulation is essential for synchronous mitoses during embryogenesis. Many novel DNA constructs were used in this study, which have been added in this database. Click here for details.
  • November, 2015
    • The neuronal map of the central nervous system of Ciona juvenile was described in detail. Many transgenic lines in the NBRP project were used. Moreover, this manuscript provides the first report of the optogenetics in ascidian. Click here for details.
  • July, 2015
    • The function of Hox10 has been revealed in Ciona intestinalis. TALENs and enhancer trap lines of the NBRP were used in this study. Click here for details.
  • January, 2015
    • The international rules of the nomenclature of ascidian genetic resources (including transgenes and transgenic lines) were reported. Click here for details.

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Fig: Ciona intestinalis

In addition to their unique evolutionary position as invertebrate chordates, ascidians provide a simple experimental system to investigate molecular mechanisms underlying development, reproduction, endocrinology, and more

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Shimoda Marine Research Center, University of Tsukuba
Yasunori Sasakura